We offer you a wide range of different kinds of lessons for all levels: beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. Our main focus is to give you a fun and relaxing lesson based on your knowledge about surfing and level of skill. 

We offer lessons for all kinds of surfers: from beginners who have never been on a board to intermediates who want to bring their surfing skills to the next level as well as for advanced surfers. Our lesson begins at the beach, with our experienced instructors advising you on how to handle the board, how to paddle out and catch waves. Clear instructions concerning technique and safety are a top priority for us but of course having fun and spending an awesome time on the water is our main goal.


Each level is divided into five lessons. You can start with a single lesson, or save money by booking a 2-lesson or 5-lesson package.

Lesson 1 – In this lesson the main focus is on safety in the water, how to catch and ride small waves, understanding the basics about surfing and learning about water conditions: Tides, waves, wind, different kinds of currents and other factors affecting the condition.

Lesson 2 – Here the focus is on how to maneuver the board, paddle out and to catch unbreaking waves (green waves).

Lesson 3 – Learning about holding the line and forehand turn.

Lesson 4 – Learning about the peak and backhand turn.

Lesson 5 – Learning about rail to rail transition and forehand to backhand turn.

Level 2 (Intermediate)
Here the focus is on how to maneuver the board, to turn, paddle out and to catch unbreaking waves (green waves).

Lesson 6 – Handling a smaller board (short board) and jump up control. Improving the forehand and backhand turn.

Lesson 7 – Learning about the peak, taking off at the peak and going down to the line.

Lesson 8 – Learning about bottom turn, how to speed up and turn

Lesson 9 – 10 Practicing and improving your skills 

Level 3 (Advanced) 
This level includes surf guiding and surf at reef break. During these lessons you learn how to improve your skills on the board and to surf like a pro.

We offer the chance to explore a variety of beaches and ride waves around Bali. Try something new and get away from your regular surf spot. The destination will depend on your level of skill and of course on weather conditions. We will arrange the transport and provide boards and equipment. 


We also offer a wide variety of different kinds of lessons, for example group lessons for creating an amazing lifetime experience with friends and family. We also offer private lessons – for an exclusive surfing experience  with focus on you and your skills. 

Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics, or a seasoned surfer who wants to improve, our expert pro-surf instructors can help you learn, progress and excel. As out team has years of experience in both surfing and teaching we are able create a motivating and safe atmosphere. 

3 students + 1 instructor

1 student + 1 instructor

2 students + 1 instructor

1 student + 1 instructor

Each lesson includes: 
15 minutes introduction – Safety & technique instructions (relative to the level) & 2 hours practice in the water – Coaching & constructive feedback directly in the water. All equipment, rash vest & drinking water are included.